A worldwide call for collage with the theme 'let’s stick together - in a divided world.'

You are free to interpret the theme as you like, using analogue, digital or combinations of collage. Please label, upload and submit your work below as a 300 DPI JPG by the 5th of January. If your work is analogue, please consider scanning rather than photographing, so it’s ready for print.

Submissions will be reviewed by Mira Calix and a selection of the most striking collages will be collated and included in the next edition of Mira’s Zine. Those in London are invited to attend a collage party at The Gun which will be an impromptu celebration of the new album - come cut, paste and create a new collage whilst Mira Calix and DJ Food soundtrack your night. Bring at least 3 items to cut up eg; books/magazines/newspapers - scissors, paper, glue and a stash of magazines will be provided.

8th December
The Gun
235 Well St, Homerton
London E9 6RG

Entrance free but limited - reserve your place ASAP

Watch the new visualizer for 'a mark of resistance (radio edit)', a distilled edit of the opening track, below. The official visualizer utilizes a vast archive of historical imagery, combined with footage taken from her own social media accounts, to create a collage that echoes the way the track itself was assembled - fragments move at speed, barely repeating. Calix has reworked every element in this hyper-collage with pixelation and dynamic censoring which questions the gendering of our visual world.

New Album

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